Operations / Finance

Faye Summitt

Mobile Services Manager

Faye holds a B.S. in organizational management and boasts 26 years of healthcare experience in administrative and clinical settings. Prior to joining HealthStar in February 2016, Faye managed a call center that handled more than 10,000 calls per month.

Melissa Troutman

Provider Services Manager

Melissa is a Knoxville native with 23 years of experience in patient care and healthcare administration. She holds Certified Nursing Assistant and Safety certifications. Prior to joining HealthStar, Melissa managed a medical accounts receivable team where she became known for her outstanding problem-solving skills and commitment to client service.

Angela Howard


Angela is part of the finance team at HealthStar and works closley with both campuses on purchase orders and vendor invoices. She also is heavily involved in a daily transaction posting as we as manging the payroll system.


Raj Lall

Network Administrator

Raj was born in Boston and grew up in Chicago. Since then, he’s lived all over the US and UK. For almost 20 years, Raj has worked in some of the most critical and demanding positions in healthcare. He is well known in healthcare information technology circles for his expertise in operations, interfaces, IT, and network infrastructure.

Katie Schnieder

Business Analyst

Katie graduated from Indiana State University where she received her B.S. in business administration with a minor in insurance and risk management. Katie has 10 years experience in the Insurance Industry with the last 7 focused primarily in the healthcare revenue cycle management arena.

Adam Whitis

Lead Software Engineer

Adam began his career on the operations side of the business however has always had a passion for technology. Six years ago, after gaining the proper skillset, Adam decided to change directions and pursue a career as a software developer. Adam joined HealthStar to be a part of an organization that would use his development skills to make a difference in the technology realm and in the lives of others.

Bryan Anderson

Software Developer II

Bryan has over 18 years of software development experience primarily in the government and public sectors. Bryan joined HealthStar because he is passionate about improving the lives of others using technology.

Joe Lynch

Database Engineer

Joe began working in the IT field as a Network Administrator in 2003 and has over 10 plus years in healthcare experience working with databases and in quality assurance. Joe joined HealthStar because of the company’s vast changes in preventing Waste, Fraud, and Abuse within the healthcare industry.

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